Keratin Complex

Cut your drying time. Get rid of that frizz.

THE SCIENCE : What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein and the major component in skin, hair and nails; in fact, the hair is mainly comprised of keratin-associated proteins. Keratin acts both as an external protective protein in the cuticle (the outer layers of a hair strand) and as an internal structural protein in the cortex (the inner core of the hair that helps determine its strength).

Keratin is depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically and/or from environmental factors, such as the sun. This keratin loss exposes the hair’s cortex, making it susceptible to additional damage, and causes porous spots to develop—much like potholes in a road. Replenishing lost keratin helps to correct porosity and smooth the hair’s surface. It restores strength and elasticity, giving the hair a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Straightening vs. Smoothing

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is different. Conventional straighteners or relaxers may break the protein bonds within the hair’s structure, causing each strand to reform into a permanently straight shape.

Keratin Complex’s revolutionary technology does not break the hair’s bonds, instead delivering the versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired.

Keratin Complex’s signature keratin works effectively on all hair types. Unique Smoothing Therapy treatments contain high concentrations of keratin that penetrate throughout the hair structure, and then are sealed within the cortex to repair damage.

What is unique about Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy?

The innovative technology in our Smoothing Therapy treatments binds keratin to the hair. This process helps prevent humidity from penetrating the hair, thus locking out frizz. In addition, Keratin Complex Colour Therapy incorporates this signature keratin technology into the hair-colouring process, which helps to make the hair stronger and smoother as it undergoes a colour transformation.

Keratin Complex’s signature keratin is comparable to the keratin present in human hair. When used in product
formulations, keratin helps condition, strengthen, revitalize and repair damage. Keratin gives the hair shine, elasticity
and a more youthful, healthy appearance.


Is This Your And Our New Holy Grail Hair Treatment?

This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

Olaplex is a single active ingredient invented by Dr. Eric Pressly, PHD and Dr. Craig Hawker, PHD, a nationally recognized and well-respected scientist focused on molecular engineering. Simply put, Olaplex works by reconnecting broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Bonds in hair break when exposed to chemicals in color, heat and mechanical force such as combing and detangling wet hair. What this means for your hair is being able to possibly go blonde and stay blonde (or red or black or whatever floats your boat) without breakage or dryness.

As it stands, when you bleach and dye your hair, during the color process the disulfide bonds of your hair strands that make your hair strong are broken down by the peroxide developer so that your hair is now “open” to receive color. This breaking down causing them to become single sulfur-hydrogen bonds. Once the oxygen bonds from the peroxide developer start to react with these new, much weaker bonds, they more often than not cause a negative chain reaction that causes the proteins in your hair strands to be eaten away which means your hair becomes dry and straw-like. That’s why color is always a toss up, the ultimate game of beauty Russian roulette. Olaplex links together the broken bonds created by chemical processing in your hair which prevents damage from ever happening. For stylists, the brand claims this means double processing on the same day without worry and for clients this means having colored hair that does not feel like a bale of hay a month after a color service. Olaplex bonds and seals the hair.


Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.

KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.

Contains vitamins and amino acids that repair the outer surface of the hair, thicken the hair and reduce the formation of split ends.

Moisturizers from mango butter and murumuru butter smooth the cuticles and soften the hair.

Extracts from Peruvian Bark, baobab, bamboo and orange blossom infuse the hair with weightless moisture.

Antioxidants from Kakadu plum, orchid, lotus flower and desert lime reduce breakage and repair chemical damage naturally.

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